Sunday, November 27, 2011

Still here, still waiting....

Well I'm still stuck in Ohio, can't go anywhere untill I get my check from the government. Apparently the Office of Personel management is moving and packed up all their files and sent them to the new place, so they can't get our money processed until they move, and of coarse they have no idea when that will be for sure, currently the date is 12-14-11. So I'm in limbo until then.  I had to call the landlord and ask to stay for one more month not sure how I'm going to pay the rent for December though. Last day of work was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I was hoping to get my car fixed and be on my way west by now. I will probably have to call and ask to move my start day up a couple of weeks.

 Went to get my mail this morning, decided to take Gracie with me to see how she would be in the passenger seat, she made herself right at home. Stopped at McDonald's for breakfast and got Gracie a sausage patty, which she did not let out of her sight until we got home.

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