Monday, November 7, 2011

Smile? Well Kind of....

I decided that I needed to get some actual pictures of me on my blog, email, and Facebook, rather than just having my very photogenic kids on there. So, I got all dolled up and started snapping. First of all it turns out the only room in my house that has decent light is the bathroom, so yes to your question is she in the bathroom? Also it is very hard to take your own picture. I tried the one arm approach, in which my face and hair are all lopsided, almost as if I've had a stroke. Seriously wtf is up with my face?  I finally gave up and decided this was as good as it was going to get. Wonder if any of these will scare the raccoons away????
The two armed approach, I look a little pissed off.


  1. Gracie thinks I should put her pretty face back on.

  2. I think the last one isn't so much pissed off as you will break into an evil laugh soon!
    We should go to Dawes before you leave and have a photo shoot ... show off our good genes!!!!
    I like your picture better than Gracie's.