Sunday, February 5, 2012

February 5, 2012

Apparently there is some big football game on today, so me not being the sports fan I thought it would be the perfect time to update the blog, I'm also planning on washing the grey out of my hair and ironing.
It has been a month since I left the buckeye state, but it seems like a year. I am so glad I'm here. With the exception of the freak snow/ice storm that happened right after I moved into my new place, the weather has been amazing. The past few days have been warm and Sunny, I've even had my windows open, that's right my windows open in February. I would almost describe it as balmy. Contrary to what you may have heard it does not rain constantly, there have been plenty of sunny days since I've been here.
I have put in two full weeks at GCG, it has gone by really fast. Hopefully that will continue since I don't get my first paycheck till the 15th.  I'm glad I got to stay with this company. I really like my new co-workers most seem to be geeks/nerds like me, so we have lots to talk about. When I asked if they liked Firefly, they looked at me like who doesn't, they're awesome. Apparently Seattle has their own version of comic con so I look forward to checking that out, probably not in costume, although maybe a brown coat. (Rachel will probably be the only one who gets that) The team lead turned me onto "The Nerdist" podcasts, I've been listening to them all night, which makes the time pass quickly.
I think I have the public transportation figured out, although I've still not used the rail or ferry. I have managed to get to and from work on the bus. It is actually nice to let someone else do the driving. The Maggie Mobile stranded me in the Target parking lot the Saturday after I moved into my apartment. The fella at Poor Boys auto is fixing it but it's going to cost $675. Turns out I was fortunate that it got me all the way here. Looks like they'll be getting some of my tax refund. Speaking of taxes, Washington doesn't have state income tax.
Gracie seems to like it here, though I think she is happy anywhere there are squirrels. She really likes one of my neighbors, whenever he is sitting outside, she watches him out the window wagging her tail the whole time. My apartment complex has a pond which they call a "lake" that has tons of ducks, geese, and sea gulls. We take a long walk around it everyday, she really wants to get at them birdies. I think if she ever got close enough, one of those ganders might change her mind. I can't wait for spring when all the trees are in bloom and there are baby duckies.

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